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4 Tips for Maintaining your Paper Drill

4 Tips for Maintaining your Paper Drill
January 22, 2024 178 view(s)
4 Tips for Maintaining your Paper Drill


Paper Drills are great machines to have on hand when you need to drill into large stacks of paper. They come in tabletop or floor models, and have 1-3 spindle heads. With every machine, there is some maintenance that needs to be done to keep it in tip top shape. Below are our top 4 tips for maintaining a Paper Drill. 


  1. Sharpening the Drill Bit

The first thing to do to prolong the life of your drill is to sharpen all drill bits. There are a few drill bit sharpeners to choose from including handheld and table top models. It’s a simple task but should be done every day. You also need to make sure to sharpen all bits on the machine at the same time. That way the height of the bit stays the same and you get consistent holes each time.


  1. Wax the Drill Bit

The next thing you need to do is to wax the drill bit. There is a lot of friction that happens when a drill bit is going through a pile of paper. To ensure the bit doesn’t burn out, you need to wax it. Southwest carries a special wax stick made for drill bits to reduce friction. You should be waxing the drill bit(s) every day for optimal use. Also make sure to do this step after sharpening the bit.


  1. Replace Wood Blocks

This step is not something that needs to be done very often. In fact, if you have your table at the right height for your job, the drill shouldn’t touch the wood. If the drill bit goes into the wood, it dulls the bit instantly and will need to be re-sharpened. However, there are always those times where the bit might bite into the wood leaving an obvious mark. If that is the case, you should replace the wood block. They come in 1 ½” diameter and 3” diameter depending on your machine.    


  1. Replace your Drill Bit

When your drill bit gets too short (or gets burnt out), it needs to be replaced. Each machine and each manufacturer has a different requirement on what is “too short”, so make sure to reference the user manual on your machine to know when to purchase new bits. Also, it is important to note that steel drill bits are best for uncoated standard stock, whereas Teflon coated drill bits are best for coated or laminated stocks.  


Overall, the important thing to remember is that you need to sharpen and wax your drill bits every day. This should only take 5 minutes of your time but will make your bit and machine last so much longer. Sharp, waxed drill bits slide through paper more easily, meaning there will be clean holes and no binding of the pages. To learn more about Paper Drills, visit our website or give us a call and we would be happy to help. 

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