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Best Thermal Binding Machines for Small Offices

Best Thermal Binding Machines for Small Offices
April 1, 2024 49 view(s)
Best Thermal Binding Machines for Small Offices



Thermal binding, also known as glue binding, is a method that uses pre-made booklet covers to bind documents. There are a few brand names in the Industry like Unibind and Coverbind, but the generic term is Thermal Bindings. There are three main machines for Thermal Binding that will work well in a small to medium office setting:


Tamerica T30

The Tamerica T30 is the least expensive of the three machines listed. However, it can only handle books up to a 1” thickness and cannot bind legal sized documents. If you are just starting out (and binding smaller proposals) this is a great option that will give you the smallest upfront investment. Plus with the one button operation, there is no special training needed.  


Super T80

Super is the Southwest house brand of equipment. This machine has the best bang for your buck, with 3 timing cycles, automatic clamping and jogging features as well as a cooling tray. It can bind documents up to 15” in length and up to 2” thick. All this power in an 11lb tabletop package.


Pro-Bind 2000

All metal construction, this machine can bind multiple documents at a time. It can handle lengths as long as 14.75” and books as thick as 2”. This machine automatically clamps while it binds. In 30 seconds your book is ready. In fact, you can bind up to 420 books/hour, so this machine will grow to fit your business’ increasing needs.



So there you have it, the top 3 thermal binding machines to fit a small office setting. Don’t forget to also take a look at the various Thermal Binding Supplies available. All of our booklet covers are produced in Canada and we can even customize them to fit your business’ brand.   


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