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The Basics of Lanyard Attachments
February 27, 2023
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The Basics of Lanyard Attachments

When buying lanyards, one of the decisions you must make is what kind of attachment do you want? A lanyard attachment is a way of securing your ID badge, proximity card, keys, or cell phone to your lanyard. Indeed, it’s one of the most important parts of this type of neckwear. There are many different types of attachments to choose from and...
Lanyard FAQs
April 11, 2022
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Lanyard FAQs

If the time has come for you to purchase lanyards for your company or organization, you might not know what you need to consider when purchasing your new supplies. Lanyards are available in many different styles these days and it can be difficult to know which type of lanyard to get. That said, here are four things to consider when...
how to use lanyards at a tradeshow
March 1, 2017
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4 Ways to Multitask Your Lanyard at Trade Shows & Conventions

If you’ve attended your share of trade shows and conventions, you probably have quite the collection of lanyards hanging around your office. And you don’t give them a second thought. Although lanyards may also show up in your everyday life to display ID cards, trade shows are the most popular places for them. These lanyards are used by sponsors to display their logos and by trade show/conven...
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