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The Basics of Lanyard Attachments

The Basics of Lanyard Attachments
February 27, 2023 364 view(s)
The Basics of Lanyard Attachments
When buying lanyards, one of the decisions you must make is what kind of attachment do you want? A lanyard attachment is a way of securing your ID badge, proximity card, keys, or cell phone to your lanyard. Indeed, it’s one of the most important parts of this type of neckwear. There are many different types of attachments to choose from and this article will talk about what is available.

Swivel Hook

One of the most popular out of all the lanyard attachments. These hooks have a textured thumb grip so it’s easy to attach your badge, key rings, name tag, etc to your lanyard.

Split Key Rings

A very simple type of attachment. These are good for hanging keys from and they are available in a nickel-plated finish. These rings are very durable.  

Bulldog Clips

Available stationary or on a swivel. These are great for holding onto badges or cards that have a hole punched in the top.  

Badge Reel

Badge reels can be easily attached to your lanyard and are great if you want to keep your key card close to you but not have to take your lanyard off to swipe it. The badge reel has a retractable cord so you can swipe the card and then reel it back in.   This is just an overview of some of the lanyard attachments that are currently available. When choosing your attachment, make sure you consider what the item is made out of and how much it costs. That way you will know you are making the right decision.
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