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Frequently Asked Questions

My Account

How do I get a Login and Password?

If you are an existing Southwest Business Products client, it is possible that you already have an account set up for online ordering. If you are unsure, you can reset your password and have a new one emailed to you. (Make sure to check your Junk Mail folder.)

If you don’t have a Southwest Business Products account, you may set one up by clicking in the header. When the login window appears, click the "Create Account" link, and enter the required information.

How do I Recover a Forgotten Password?

Go to any page on the Southwest Business Products website and click . When the login window appears, click the “Lost Password” link. Enter your email address and a new password will be sent to your email address. (Make sure to check your Junk Mail folder.)

How do I Know if I am Logged In?

If you are logged in, you will see a "My Account" link in the website's header. As well, the "Log In" link will change to "Log Out".

Credit Approval

How long will the Credit Approval Process Take?

Accounts can only be activated after the completed form has been submitted and the credit references have been verified. The approval process takes approximately 24 hours. Opening a new account may add time to your delivery date. If you want your order processed immediately, a deposit is required. Southwest Business Products accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

How do I get Credit Approval?

If you are placing your first order with Southwest Business Products, please fill out a Credit Application, which requires three trade references and one bank reference.

  • Credit Application

  • Pricing

    Do you have a price match guarantee?

    Yes. We will not be undersold! We will match any competitor's price on comparable products* including tabs, binders, stocked equipment and binding supplies. Just show us the quote from a competitor and we will match or even beat their price. It’s that easy!

    * Comparable Products: Please speak to your Account Manager or Customer Service Representative for more details.

    How do I access pricing on products available?

    You must to the website in order to see all pricing information.

    What are the Payment Terms?

    Upon credit approval, terms are Net 30 Days. All prices are subject to change without notice.


    How do I repeat a past order?

    1. to the website
    2. Go to My Account
    3. Under "Recent Orders" click "View All" to see your entire Order History
    4. Click "View Order" to see the details of the order
    5. Click the "Re-Order" link to put the orders items into your current shopping cart

    What happens to Items in my Shopping Cart when I Log Out?

    Items in your cart will be saved for up to 30 days, even if you log out of your account.

    Can I Cancel/Change my Order?

    Yes. However, if your order is in production and you wish to cancel or make changes, depending on how far the order has progressed, there will be a charge for the work already done.

    Please note: it is not always possible to make changes to an order. Please ask your Customer Service Representative to check on the status of your order before making any changes.

    How do I know if my order has been accepted?

    You will receive a confirmation email.


    What is your Shipping Guarantee policy?

    We take the guesswork out of when and how your order has shipped! Every order goes through our rate shopping program, ensuring you the best shipping experience. Plus, you receive an automatic notification email, including the courier company’s name, your tracking number and your complete packing slip.

    How do I Edit the Shipping and Billing Locations for my Online Account?

    1. to the website
    2. Go to My Account
    3. Under "Account Information" click Manage Addresses
    4. Use the links to update your billing address, shipping address, or add a new address

    Can I get the Shipment Tracking Information for my Orders?

    Yes. You will receive an automatic notification email, including the courier company’s name, your tracking number and your complete packing slip.

    When and how will my Products be Delivered?

    Our products have varying delivery schedules. If your artwork is being prepared by Southwest Business Products, or if you are using a special metal or material, the production time may be longer. Check with our Customer Service Department for specific details. Unless other arrangements are made, all orders will be shipped freight prepaid and charged to your account.

    Invoices and Credit Card Payments

    When will I get my Invoice?

    Your order will be invoiced approximately 3 business days after your order has been shipped. For custom orders it may take longer. You can always contact our Accounts Receivable Department for more information.

    I paid by Credit Card, why does my invoice show an outstanding balance?

    It takes us 1-2 business days to charge your credit card after the invoice is generated, which is why it shows an outstanding balance when originally e-mailed to you.

    I have two charges on my Credit Card for the same order.

    The first amount on your credit card is a Pre-Authorization and is not an actual charge. This just ensures that you have the funds available on your card. This amount will disappear after 1 week’s time. The second amount is the actual charge for the invoice.


    What is your Shipping Guarantee policy?

    Yes. We have a Hassle Free Returns Guarantee: Not satisfied with your product? No problem! Send it back to us and you will get your money back on all stocked merchandise*.

    * You may be charged a minimal restocking fee of 15% for any returned stock items. Please contact your Customer Service Representative.


    How can I find products not listed on your website?

    Please contact our Customer Service Department.

    Does Southwest Business Products offer custom products?

    Absolutely. Southwest Business Products specializes in custom products and can personalize almost any item. Visit our Custom Items section for more information, or speak to one of our Product Experts at

    How do I place an order for custom products?

    Complete the form on the Custom Items page or send your request to and a Product Expert will contact you to discuss options and ideas, and prepare a competitive quote.

    How do I find a specific product on your website?

    You can browse through the menu or search the store in the upper right. If you cannot locate the item you are looking for, please contact our Customer Service Department.

    Warranties & Guarantees

    How can I be assured that Southwest Business Products offers the Best Service?

    Our President’s Guarantee: Southwest Business Products is committed to providing you, our customers, with the very best experience. If at any time you would like to comment on our staff, policies or products, call my direct line. I’m here for you – guaranteed!

    Sincerely, Louis Cordeiro
    President, Southwest Business Products
    Direct: 416-285-7770

    Do my Products come with a Guarantee?

    All Southwest Business Products products are guaranteed against faulty workmanship and/or materials. Defective merchandise can be returned for credit or replacement only upon written approval from Southwest Business Products. Liability for all goods damaged or lost in transit rests with the shipping company.

    It is important to inspect your shipment at the time of delivery. If a claim must be made, the consignee should file the claim directly with the freight company without delay.

    Does my Equipment come with a Warranty?

    Southwest Business Products offers two warranty options with every equipment purchase. Download the Equipment Warranty Terms that are automatically included in your purchase.


    Does my Artwork Text have to be Outlined?

    Although it is not required, it is preferred, as we might not have your specific font. It makes it easier to manipulate and ensures the file will not become corrupt. If you don’t know how to outline text, click here to download a simple, one-page instructional PDF on how to do it.

    Do the Artwork Prices Include Everything?

    Prices are based on finished digital or camera-ready line artwork. Prices do not include bleeds, halftones, screen tints, close-register or back cover printing. Should you need art and/or typesetting services, Southwest Business Products can help.

    How do I Send in my Artwork, and does it need to be Approved?

    Please include your Sales Order number and your Southwest Business Products Customer Number with all artwork.

    If your Artwork file is too large to send through regular e-mail, please transfer the files by clicking here.

    High resolution files in either .EPS, .PSD, .TIFF, .JPEG or .PNG format will produce the best results.

    Binder Systems

    How do I Measure the Ring Capacity of a Binder?

    • If your Ring is a Slant D ring, measure the inside of the slant
    • If your binder is a D ring, measure the inside of the middle ring from top to bottom
    • If your ring is a Round ring, measure the inside of the ring from side to side
    • Click here for a printable version.

    How much Paper fits into a 3 Ring Binder?

    The number of 20lb sheets that fit into a 3 ring binder will vary with the size of the binder. Please check this chart.

    How can I easily insert my Sheets into the Front/Back/Spine of a Clear Overlay Binder?

    Inserting sheets into a clear overlay can be difficult. However, if you open the binder and then insert the pages they will slide in easier.

    An even better option is to print out your sheets and send them to us. We can create Trap Sheet Binders with your prints. Not only will your sheets be inserted, your binders will have a customized look at a fraction of the cost.

    Printing & Print Finishing

    How can I be sure of the colour Mylar you carry?

    The colour you see on your computer screen may not be a 100% match to the colour of the actual Mylar. Please talk to your Account Manager about receiving a sample swatch if you are colour-matching the Mylar.

    What are overruns and underruns?

    Due to the difficulty of running exact quantities when producing custom products, it is possible that a slight variance in quantities may occur. Therefore, in keeping with general printing industry practice, Southwest Business Products reserves the right to ship up to 5% over or under the amount ordered. Your invoice will reflect the quantity shipped. If you wish to order an exact amount (no overs or unders), there will be an additional charge.

    What are some solutions if I am having problems printing on matte Mylar or Trilar Copier Tabs?

    One thing to keep in mind when you are handling the tabs is to not touch the tab portion itself. The oil residue left from your fingers will sometimes affect the printed text.

    If you are having problems with the text not sticking properly, ask your Copier Tech to adjust the fuser on your copier (the fuser is what “bakes on” the ink and allows it to adhere). Keep in mind, the hotter the temperature of the fuser, the more likely you are to have curling when your paper comes out of the copier.

    If your print is still not crisp or if there is any smudging, try our new Gen2 Trilar Copier Tabs. They eliminate smudges and blurriness no matter what copier or ink you are using. You can also call your Account Manager for additional information and troubleshooting directions.

    Why is my lamination coming out Wavy?

    Wavy lamination can mean there is a problem with your laminating machine. Download our Laminating Film Solutions flyer to see the fixes to the most common lamination problems. You can also call us toll free at 1-877-285-7044 to speak with our Equipment Maintenance Specialists.


    Where can I find Templates to use with my Southwest products and equipment?

    Please go to our Templates & Artwork Requirements page. There you will find a variety of Southwest Business Products templates. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please call your Southwest Representative.

    Tips & Ideas

    How can I Cut my Copier Charges in Half?

    By printing on 11″ x 17″ paper and cutting your sheets down to 8 1/2″ x 11″, you cut your copy charges in half! Southwest Business Products sells a full line of cutters to fit any need or budget. Please contact your Account Representative to learn more.

    How can I Reduce my Outsourcing Costs?

    Southwest Business Products can put together a comprehensive cost savings analysis for your company. We can show you exactly how much you could be saving on completed projects by doing them in house instead of outsourcing. We have the equipment and supplies to help you with all of your requirements, no matter how big or small. Please contact your Account Manager today to request your personalized cost savings report.


    Where Can I Find Your Compliance Documentation?

    Southwest prides itself on being a fair and safe workplace. If you would like to read more, click here.

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