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Index & Bond Paper

How to use Index Tab Dividers
August 29, 2022
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How to use Index Tab Dividers

Managing paper is part of all of our lives. We all have important documents we need to keep on hand. For some of us, they are assignments, handouts, and homework. For others, they are medical bills, insurance forms, and benefit statements. For others still, they are invoices, receipts, and schedules. Regardless of what types of documents you need to organize...
use index and bond paper
April 21, 2017
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7 Reasons Why Using Paper is Not Bad for the Environment

As the Earth gets older, it is more and more evident that we have a responsibility to protect it for generations to come. One suggestion has been to move towards a paperless society. Whether its traditional paper or index and bond paper the thoughts have been the same. After all, cutting down on paper use means cutting down fewer trees, right? While paper ultimately comes from trees, today t...
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