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New Machine Spotlight

NEW Formax Greenwave 410 and 430
July 19, 2021
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NEW Formax Greenwave 410 and 430

Looking to upgrade your shipping department to be more environmentally friendly, while saving money on waste hauling? The Greenwave 410 and 430 Cardboard Perforators are the solution to help you transition away from single-use plastic and foam packing materials.   Operation is Easy The Greenwave 410 and 430 use heavy-duty solid steel blades to transform corrugated shipping cartons into high-quality...
Universal Punch
February 26, 2018
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New Machine Spotlight: Universal Punch

The Universal Punch Binding Machine comes with a specially designed punch pattern which allows you to bind up to 20 different types of binding styles. Exclusive to Southwest Bindings, this unique punch pattern is available in 4 different machines and 2 dies. But before we get into the machines, let’s talk more about the binding options. This pattern allows you to bind: Letter Sized Loose-...
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