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What is Tape or Strip Binding

What is Tape or Strip Binding
April 29, 2024 99 view(s)
What is Tape or Strip Binding

The Tape/Strip Binding Method was created by Powis Inc, an American Company under the branded name “Fastback”. Powis has been around for 30+ years and the Fastback binding method has gained its popularity because it gives clients a look and feel of a perfect bound book, without the messy, sticky and often stinky glue.


Fastback Strips:

One of the reasons Fastbind is so popular is because the strips come in a maximum of 3 sizes; narrow, medium and wide. Each size binds a different variety of book widths ranging from 5 sheets up to 350 sheets of paper (based on standard 20lb bond). They come in 15 standard colours for their most popular Super Strip. They are also super strong and can withstand more than 50lbs of pull and the adhesive will not become brittle with age.



We can’t talk about Powis and Fastback without mentioning their commitment to the Environment. The Strips themselves are curbside recyclable. They are also made using a non-toxic adhesive. This means that the product uses non-toxic glues with low VOC and virtually no odor.  The Powis Head Office in California operates on 100% Greenhouse Gas Free Energy, with a commitment to use 100% solar powered energy by 2024.  


Binding Made Easy:

When it comes to binding a book, it’s as easy as the push of a button. One big green button to be exact. The binding process using the smallest machine, the Fastback 9, takes less than 40 seconds. If you are using the more versatile machine, the Fastback 20, it binds in less than 15 seconds. That’s 3.5 times faster than traditional punch and bind systems! In fact, the Fastback 20 will actually recognize the type of strip you are using and then auto-configure the settings to bind the book. So there is no manually adjustment needed.



For more information on Fastback and the benefits of using this binding method, please check out “The Basics of Fastback Binding”.  Information from this blog has been sourced from

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