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The 10 Best Perfect Binding Machine

The 10 Best Perfect Binding Machine
October 16, 2023 27 view(s)
The 10 Best Perfect Binding Machine


First developed in the 1920s, perfect binding is just about the most popular binding method for softcover books, including paperbacks, some magazines (like National Geographic), owner manuals, catalogues and photobooks. They’re also popular for binding hardcover books and making custom tear-off writing pads too.

A standard piece of equipment in most professional print and bindery shops, today’s perfect binding machines make it possible for in-house and on-demand printers to take advantage of the benefits of perfect binding too. These include its relatively low-cost, ease of operation, high-capacity and uncomplicated binding process that minimizes problems.

Southwest Business Products offers a full range of perfect binding machines suitable for businesses who want the convenience and versatility of perfect binding at their finger tips, and professional print shops who need to offer their customers state-of-the-art features, capacity and speed.

Without further ado, here’s a quick look at the perfect binding machines you can find at Southwest Business.

  • Elite FastBind Perfect Binder – If you’re looking for a machine with the flexibility to handle a wide range of perfect binding applications at an easy-on-the-bottom-line price, this is it. The Elite quickly and quietly binds softcover and hardcover books ranging in thickness from 2 to 400 pages with a maximum sheet size of 12”.
  • FastBind Elite XT Perfect Binder – Packing all the features of the Elite, the Elite XT binder kicks things up a notch by letting you bind hardcover and softcover books with paper sizes up to 17.7”.
  • Sterling Digibinder (Perfect Binder) – When you need printshop-level performance and features, the Digibinder delivers. Self-adjusting for book thickness, the Digibinder features Auto Clamp, Auto Nipping, Notching/Roughing, Side Gluing Attachment and a Fume Exhaust. It will bind up to 360 books per hour of up to 2’ in thickness and 12.5” spine length.
  • FastBind Pureva XT Perfect Binder with Venting System – Compact and versatile, the Pureva is your all-in-one perfect binding solution. Giving you the option to use PUR or EVA glue, the Pureva binds up to 160 books per hour with a maximum thickness of 1.6” and sheet size of 17.7”
  • Digibinder Plus Perfect Binder – Looking for a perfect binding at the touch of a button? The Digibinder Plus requires no set-up and automatically adjusts for book thickness so you can go from thick books to thin books without having to change the set-up. Bind up to 360 books per hour, up to 2” thick.
  • Graphic Whizard 320B Floor Model Perfect Binder – For use with EVA glue, this machine is an affordable and efficient solution. Control buttons ensure operator ease of use. This machine binds up to 240 books per hour at 1.75” thickness and 12.6” length.
  • Graphic Whizard 320ATS EVA Floor Model Perfect Binder – A great choice for entry level perfect binding, this machine features specialized nipping, touchscreen controls for ease of operation and a 12 tooth milling cutter. It has the ability to create books up to 1.75” thickness and 12.6” in length.
  • Graphic Whizard 460A Perfect Binder – This perfect binding systems is easy to use and provides consistent professional quality products for short to medium run solutions. It will bind up to 460 books per hour of up to 2.25’ in thickness and 18.1” spine length.
  • Coverbind Table Top EVA Perfect Binder 2.25” – Bind soft cover books, novels, manuals and more with this on-demand Perfect Binder. The CPB1 come equipped with a full LCD screen which allows you to control the process of binding books up to 2.25” thickness and 12.5” long.
  • Coverbind EVA Side Gluing Perfect Binder with Cabinet – Everything you love about the CPB1 now in a stand alone model with cabinet included. Also known as the Coverbind CPB2SG, this machine binds 360 books per hour up to 2.25” thick and 12.5” long.


To learn more about all the perfect binding machines we offer, check out our Equipment Page or call 1-877-285-7044 to get in contact with an Account Manager.


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