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Sterling Digibinder (Perfect Binder) Slide Loader

Product Specifications
Quantity per Case 1
Equipment Style Perfect Binder
Thickness Up to 2"
Length 12 1/2"
Model Digibinder

Sterling Digibinder (Perfect Binder)

The Sterling DigiBinder is a machine built for the twenty first century. Whether you are a printer, an in-plant printer, an on demand printer, or even a bindery, the Sterling DigiBinder will fill the job. The Sterling DigiBinder will bind books automatically with a touch of a button. The book thickness is self-adjusting. Simply place the book in the clamp and the Sterling DigiBinder will do the rest: it automatically sets the clamp thickness. The unique blade roughs and notches the entire book spine. Twin glue rollers apply an even amount of glue and the nipper automatically adjusts to the book thickness. The DigiBinder feature, an Auto Clamp, Auto Nipping, Notching/Roughing, Side Gluing Attachment, and a Fume Exhaust. Minimum Book Thickness: 4 sheets 20lb bond, the Maximum Book Thickness: 2'', Maximum Spine Length: 12.5'' and Cycles: Up to 360/hr.
Specifications Video
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