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Fusing Foil Gold  24 x 500 x 1" core Slide Loader

Product Specifications
Quantity per Case 1
Colour Gold
Style No
Length 500 ft
Pitch 1" Core
Size 25"

Fusing Foil Gold 24 x 500 x 1" core

Fuser Foil adheres to the dry toner used in most black and white copiers and laser printers. Foiling applications are very popular for wedding or other invitations, award certificates, creating borders for craft projects, adding an oomph to business cards or letter head.

Foil fusing is a process where foil is bonded to a toner image area that was created using either a laser printer or a copy machine. Foil fusing does not require any type of die.

How to apply
1. Add film to any roll laminator.
2. Set your tempurature to 270 degrees also set the speed to 3 (low).
3. Run your printed sheets through the laminator. The foil will adhere to the printed area.

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