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Product Specifications
Style Attachments

Custom Lanyard Attachments

Choose your lanyard attachment from the following options: 3/8" eye glass holder, 3/8" cellular attachment, 3/8" key ring 10mm, 1/2" eyeglass holder, 1/2" detachable plastic hook, 1/2" trigger hook, 1/2" bull dog, 1/2" swivel hook 40mm, 1/2" swivel bull dog black, 1/2" swivel hook, 1/2" key ring 25mm, 3/4" "Eagle" hook, 3/4" detachable plastic bull dog, 3/4" sanp hook, 3/4" lobster, 3/4" "O" ring, 3/4" key ring 33mm, and retractable badge holder. You can also add a breakaway, bead, or side squeeze buckle to any of the above attachments.
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