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Product Specifications
Quantity per Case 1
Style Photopress
Model Fastback

Photo Press - PHP1 (Clearance)

The Powis PhotoPress is a fast and easy to use photo book system that turns silver-halide, dye-sub and inkjet prints into a beautiful, distinctive photo books. The finished books rival the quality of traditional mounted albums, but the process takes a fraction of the time and cost. The Powis PhotoPress uses pressure instead of heat to laminate photographic prints to our patent-pending Signature sheets. It is easy to use; anyone can make a beautiful photo books in minutes. The photos are arranged with the Signature sheets then a quick cycle in the Powis PhotoPress and the permanent adhesive is activated. The mounted photographs are then ready for assembly into an Powis Photobook Hardcover – considered the finest book cover in the industry. The result is a beautiful photo book, made from prints, ready in a matter of minutes.

Has a few minor scratches. Been used for trade shows and demo's. Not in original box.

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