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MultiCrease 30 ( 11.8" ) Slide Loader

Product Specifications
Quantity per Case 1
Equipment Style Creasers
Length 11.8"
Model MasterBind

MultiCrease 30 ( 11.8" )

SKU: MA1162-41000
The Multicreaser is designed to increase productivity in any office environment. Capable to work with various documents like paper, plastic or materials covered with plastic. With a heavy-duty cutting blade measuring at 3.5 x 5'', it will crease at a maximum width of up to 11.8''. The machine comes ready to use out of the package which include 1 creasing knife, round corner cutting blade, cutting blade handle, corner cutting pad, cutting pad and a square corner photo window cutting blade. The conventional size and weight present a machine that can fit in any type of office space and immediately contribute as an important tool.

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