The Basics of Fastback Binding

There are many binding choices on the market today, and all of them have their strengths depending upon your needs. Fastback is one of the more unique products available today and has some definite advantages over traditional punch and bind methods such as plastic combs, coils, wire and so on. Here are five of the greatest advantages of Fastback:


It is Different

Fastback from Powis Parker is very unique. You will not find a binding system that can match its appearance, ability and versatility. A Fastback bound book has a sleek and slim finish then is ideal for mailing, storage on a shelf or stacking. Traditional punch and bind options do not stand up well to mailing, give you little or no shelf recognition and do not stack flat on a surface. Fastback offers a professional and unique appearance that is sure to stand out from other binding styles.


Fastback is Fast

The name says it all. The Model 20 from Powis Parker binds a book in less than 20 seconds. No other table top binding system can assemble a book that fast. Simply put your loose document in the binder, press the button and insert the strip. Once the book is bound, you place it in the cooling rack and you are ready to move on to another book. Traditional punch and bind systems require you to punch the document, which may be several steps depending upon how thick your document is, then apply the binding element. The binding time is at least twice as fast and the time savings is even greater for thicker books.


It is Green 

All Fastback binding materials are produced in Powis Parker’s Berkley, CA plant. They use environmentally neutral adhesives, and they strive to use recycled or recyclable materials whenever possible. Additionally, because the system uses a recyclable glue and a paper based binding strip, your bound documents can be recycled without the need for disassembly. Other binding systems require the removal of the binding spine if you want to recycle the pages from your documents.


It is Easy to Use

Anyone can walk up to a Fastback binder and begin binding books with little or no training. The Model 20 walks you though the whole process on the LCD display. Including telling you which size of strip you will need to bind your book. Simply assemble your document, insert it into the machine, press the button and insert the strip. It doesn’t get much easier than that.


It is Versatile

With Fastback you can do tape binding, perfect binding and can even bind documents with hard covers and can create photobooks. Binding strips are available in a huge variety of colours. The possibilities are nearly endless.