There’s an office machine available for almost every use these days such as computers, letter openers, pouch and roll laminators, binding machines, and paper shredders. All of these products make work much easier and more productive, and there’s yet another device that can make your workplace an even better place to be; a paper folder. One of these machines can really make your office a better place because they reduce busywork and injuries, can increase productivity, and even save you money. Here are five reasons you should buy a Paper Folder.


1. To Save a lot of Time

Folding paper is one of the most-time consuming office tasks around. Properly folding hundreds or thousands of documents can take hours. Plus, it can always get pretty tedious after a while, especially when one person gets stuck with the job. If you use a paper folder, however, you can dramatically reduce your folding time because some of these machines can fold over 10,000 sheets per hour. So not only can your office accomplish more, your workers will be happier because they’ll be doing things that are much more interesting.



2. To get the Cleanest Folds Possible

Having humans fold paper can result in messy jobs, especially if someone has been folding for a while and is beginning to get tired. Using a machine will give you perfect results just about every time you use it.



3. To Prevent Injuries

Probably the most common injury in the workplace is the paper cut. Generally, most of these cuts aren’t that serious, but they’re still painful and irritating. By using a folder, injured fingers will be a thing of the past. Plus, think of how much money you will save on bandages.


4. To Produce Different Types of Folds

One of the best things that happens when you own a paper folder is that you can produce an amazing number of folds. Some of the ones that are possible include the accordion, double cross, double parallel, and gate folds. These are great not only for correspondence, but also invitations, brochures, and marketing materials.


5. So you can Save Some Money

If you run a business, perhaps you’ve thought of hiring a temporary employee to help you fold a bunch of documents for something such as a mass mailing. However, doing so can be expensive because not only does the temp need to be paid, so does the temporary agency. So even if the temp is brought in for only one day, that can be a lot of money out of your pocket. (And naturally, costs will increase the more you need a temp around.) Investing in a folder is a much wiser decision because it’s a one-time investment you can keep re-using.