One of the best ways to make your documents and crafts stand out is by decorating them with foil accents. This can add an eye-catching touch to a number of materials including business cards, report covers, photo albums, party invitations, greeting cards, certificates, and more.


It used to be expensive to have items accented with foil and it usually involved having your materials processed by a third party. However, it’s now possible to do this in the comfort of your home or office thanks to the production of laminating metallic foil aka fusing foil.


Fusing foil is designed for use with your roll laminator. It comes in rolls that are either 12” or 25” inches wide, 500 feet long and 1” or 3” Core. There are a lot of great colors available including metallics such as silver, gold, rose gold and copper as well as vibrant hues such as purple, royal blue, and red. You can also get clear film which gives you the look of spot UV coating without the extra machinery.  Additional colours and finishes available by request.


Adding Foil to your design can be done in 4 easy steps:

  1. Take your paper or card stock and print all the details that will NOT be in foil. Please note: This step can also be done as the last step. It is simply up to preference
  2. Laminate the sheet of paper or card stock you will be using. We find that using Velvet Touch Lamination Film works the best
  3. Run this laminated sheet through your photocopier again and print in Black toner (with heavy coverage) all the details you want to be foil finished
  4. Run this sheet through your roll laminator which has the fusing foil already prepared on it. You want to use a slow speed for this to increase the adhesion of the foil


You can also view these steps as well as how to load your fusing foil film onto your laminator by watching this video here. In the video we opted to print the colour details after the foiling was completed. Using laminating foil is easy and it will give your materials a high-class look that everyone will love. All you need is your documents, a roll of foil, and your roll laminator and you’ll be ready to go.