The process of hiring and training new employees is time-consuming and expensive. Once you have found and hired new employees, training them as quickly and completely as possible is critical to maximizing productivity and profitability. One of the best ways to ensure consistent, quality training and orientation for all employees-new and old-is through the use of high quality training manuals.


Quality training manuals work as a guide for training as it takes place and as well as a reference for existing employees when questions arise. Training manuals should focus on information that is relevant to the responsibilities of the employees and on key business objectives. Your employees should be educated on the goals of the business and precisely how they will contribute to those goals.


User-friendly training materials include a table of contents describing the contents of the manual in the order in which they appear in the manual. They also have an index of key words and phrases to guide employees to just the right information. In addition to these two items, high-quality training manuals can also ensure organization and order through the use of print your own Copier Tabs or pre-printed Index Tabs. Tabbed sections make it simple for employees to quickly access key sections of the documents.


Training manuals which have been bound (either using Ring Binders, Plastic Combs, Plastic Coil, Wire-OThermal Bind, Velobind, or Unibind) are far more professional and durable than procedural documents and handbooks which are distributed with just a staple. Unbound items are much more likely to be misplaced and get lost.


One of the most important factors to keep in mind when it comes to binding methods for training materials is update frequency. If you update your training materials often by adding or deleting pages or chapters, you may prefer to use ring binders and distribute selected updated pages to employees so that you are not forced to reproduce entire documents for the whole staff. For documents that won’t be updated as much or that will have to be reprinted entirely, permanent binding methods such as Thermal Bind, Velobind, or Unibind would be more appropriate choices.


As all business owners know, time is money, and well-designed, high-quality training manuals are created with that truth in mind. Manuals should be structured in ways that enhance understanding and ensure quick and easy navigation for busy employees.