Every year, companies look for new ways to keep all their employees on the same page.  They issue company email addresses, print out countless memos, and post bulletins.  However, there is an easier way!  Rather than waste all that paper, simply create a company calendar to hand out to all your employees.  Here are some of the benefits to doing so:


  • A company calendar keeps everyone on the same page.  By adding regularly occurring events, your employees will have a printed reminder.  For example, if you have a meeting the first Wednesday of every month, it will already be on their calendar.  Consequently, managers will know that all workers are aware of everything and “I wasn’t told” will no longer be a valid excuse for missing a meeting.
  • By handing out calendars at the beginning of the year, employees can see what to expect in the coming months.  They will be informed and prepared for a big sale coming up or a coupon mailing.  It will also get them thinking about their plans for the year.  If you’re lucky, it might prompt them to ask for time off now instead of later, helping you to plan early for absences and vacations.
  • Being able to see what is happening within the company may enable employees to better schedule their projects.  There is nothing worse than planning to work on a project only to find out that another big deadline is looming; people often prefer to work on one project at a time.
  • A calendar given to new employees, even in the middle of the year, can help them to get a better understanding of the goings on of your company.  Long-time workers may already know that the last weekend in July is a huge sale or company party and plan accordingly but new hires might appreciate this information in hand.
  • Future events planned on a calendar give employees something to look forward to.  Even if it’s as simple as payday or vacation time, workers feeling down can glance at their monthly agenda and see what positive things are coming up.  By the same token, knowing when the company party is scheduled early on lets people plan their personal time to allow them to attend.
  • A calendar lets people know when the company is closed or has different hours.  Especially when Holidays happen on the weekend, knowing what days the company will be closed helps employees plan their time accordingly.
  • Finally, a calendar, or a gift of any type, no matter how small, shows that the business is thinking of their employees.  Even if all you hand out is a basic black and white calendar showing meetings and paydays, employees know that someone had to take the time and money to produce a useful tool.  And that matters.


If you were on the fence before, we hope now you will get to work on a calendar for your employees. It’s never too early to start and Southwest has all the tools you will need to create you own. From different coloured Wire-O and Calendar Hangers to Binding Machines. Good luck and happy planning!