When it comes to three ring binders most people think the choices are straight forward. However, there is a lot more to choosing a three-ring binder than just thinking about price. In fact, it is important to understand several different factors when choosing a ring binder. This article is designed to identify the major things to look for when choosing a ring binder. Here they are:


1. Ring style:

There are two primary ring styles used with three ring binders. The most recognized style is round ring. For smaller documents and smaller binders these are ideal. For larger documents companies often prefer to use D-ring binders. The rings on these binders are shaped like the letter D and they are designed to make it easier to open and reference pages in thicker documents. In addition to these two styles, there is also the Slant-D which is more widely used for Binders 3” and larger, although you can still find them in smaller ring sizes like 1”.



2. Thickness:

Binders are available in sizes as small as 1/2″ (more commonly known as 5/8”) and can be found as large as 5” inches in thickness. If you are looking for a binder that grows with your needs, an expandable post binder is your best bet. Just like the name implies, these spines are able to expand to up to 5” in thickness.



3. Cover / Material:

Some three ring binders come with a plain vinyl wrap on the front, back and spine. Others have a clear vinyl overlay that allows for printed sheets to be added for customization. These are sometimes called clear overlay or clear view binders. Both types of binders have a piece of chipboard inside the front back and spine. However, not all binders utilize chipboard. Some have a front, back and spine made of a poly material that is flexible. It is also important to note, that not all binders are made of vinyl. In addition to the poly material, there is also paper, metal and imitation leather binders.



4. Size:

Most ring binders are designed for binding letter sized documents. Some specialty binders are available for binding half letter sized sheets or 8 ½” x 5 ½”, legal sized paper, 11” x 17 sheets and landscape documents.



5. Colour:

The most common colors for ring-binders are black and white. However, binders come in a wide array of colours. Southwest has a large inventory of vinyl and imitation leather colours stocked in our Toronto warehouse. Plus, we are the binder manufacturer, so we are able to produce a wide variety of customizations to fit your every need.