We all know that in a given day at work, there are usually more tasks to be done than there is time to complete them. No one wants to add yet another task to the daily routine unless the task is going to improve business and enhance productivity. While paper shredding does not seem like a business builder, it sure can save time and money for businesses by protecting sensitive materials.


Paper shredders come in two basic styles, crosscut and strip-cut. Cross-cut shredders (also known as confetti-cut, diamond-cut or micro-cut) offer a more secure shred and a lower volume of waste although they tend to require more maintenance and may be more expensive. Strip-cut shredders (also known as straight-cut or spaghetti-cut) generate more waste and are less secure although they may be less costly to purchase and maintain. Paper shredders also enhance productivity. Instead of employees having to worry about how to protect sensitive information that is no longer needed and wasting time seeking direction from their supervisors (or cutting things up manually using scissors), employees can simply shred the documents and be done with it. Paper shredding also helps to maximize storage space around the office. When employees are through with documents, they can be shredded and disposed of instead of stacked up in dusty storage rooms.


You can also shred more than just paper. There are a number of specialty shredders for things like CDs, Hard Drives and even cardboard. Why shred cardboard you ask? It’s a simple and cheap solution to packaging material. By shredding your old boxes, you instantly have recycled packaging material that saves you time disposing of the old boxes and saves you money in buying brand new packaging material. It’s a win-win!


Paper shredders protect more than your clients and employees; they also protect you. You can use your paper shredder to destroy records and communications you do not want others to see. Seeing your sensitive materials in the wrong hands can be embarrassing and costly. Given the alternative, a paper shredder is a meaningful investment. While you may be concerned about the price of a shredder, the knowledge that your employee records and customer information are protected is worth every penny.


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