The holidays are just about here again, and it is hard to believe. Now comes all the preparations: the cooking, the decorating, the shopping, the preparation of greeting cards, and so forth. Having the right tools and supplies on hand can make holiday preparations much easier, and you will be surprised to know that there are a few different types of products that will really help you out. Let's look at three office tools to get you through the Holiday Season



1. Cutting Tools

Throughout the year, a reliable pair of scissors is excellent to have, but come the Holiday season you will probably need something more industrial. Rotary and Blade Trimmers are a great addition to any craft as they ensure a perfectly straight line, every time. You can use them when you're wrapping gifts, trimming pictures, making cards, cutting down paper and so on.


2.  A Paper Shredder

Paper shredders have never been so popular. They offer a way of disposing of old correspondence, bank statements, and other documents that contain personal information. While you should use one of these machines year-round, they are convenient during the holidays. You can use them to shred credit and debit card receipts, CDs, as well as use it to fill gift bags and boxes. All you need to do is run colored paper through your shredder, and you'll have the filling in just a few seconds. Best of all, you'll save money because there's no need to go to the store and purchase materials that will be recycled (or thrown away) after one use. Check out even more create ways to use shredded paper here.


3. A Pouch Laminator

Are you looking to get your kids more involved this season? Well, you can do crafts with a pouch laminator! With a laminator, you can make customized placemats for special dinners, laminate photos and artwork for homemade gifts, make custom magnets, laminate sheets for a photo or scrapbook and more. (Be sure to supervise the kids as they're using it – even pouch laminators can get hot).


As the days get colder and the holidays are approaching, cutting tools, paper shredders, and pouch laminators are some of the most helpful devices to have. They will help you with gift wrapping, preparing greeting cards, dealing with your finances, and creating memorable homemade gifts. The best part is, you may already have one or more of these items at home, so you can save money and still have a productive holiday season. Start getting ready for the holidays now. After all, it will be here before you know it!