What is Wire-O?

For businesses that need to produce professional-quality books, wire binding is the most popular binding option. Wire-O spines offer a clean and high-class appeal that no punch-and-binding method can match. Wire-O double-o wires let books lay flat, and the sheets flip a complete 360 degrees. They offer a semi-secure binding method.


What is Wire Bind Pitch?

The pitch refers to the ratio of holes per inch, so a 2:1 has two holes per inch, and a 3:1 has three. A 2:1 punch machine will only work with a 2:1 binding wire; ensure your wire binding machine has the same hole pattern as the wire spines you purchase.

What Sizes and Colours are Available?

Available in both 3:1 pitch and 2:1 pitch options for your Wire-O binding machines, these twin loop wire spines come in a large selection of colors. They include the standard black, white, silver, pewter, blue, and red, as well as specialty green, grey, navy and gold (please contact us for specialty colours). 3:1 pitch wire-o comes in sizes from 1/4" up to 9/16" (up to 5/8” in black and white), which means it can be used for books from 2 to 110 sheets (or 220 pages). 2:1 pitch wire-o is available up to 1 ¼", perfect for books up to 230 sheets (or 460 pages). Click here for a complete size chart.


How Many Loops do 3:1 and 2:1 Pitch Wires Have?

2:1 wire feature 21 and 22 loops, and 3:1 wires feature 32 loops.

How Long are Binding Wires?

Binding wires are either pre-cut to 11" lengths for standard letter size paper or continuously wrapped around a spool. Custom cut wire is also available cut to any size length you need.

What Kind of Books are Wire-O Bindings Typically Used to Bind?
  1. Financial and business reports
  2. Professional presentations
  3. Notebooks and journals
  4. Marketing materials
  5. Wall and Desk Calendars
  6. Notepads, and more!
What do I need to Bind with Wire-O?
  1. Wire Binding machine (in matching pitch to the wires; either 3:1 or 2:1)
  2. Wire closer (sometimes included on the binding machine)
  3. Wire-O binding spines
  4. Presentation covers (optional – but highly recommended)