Using customized covers for your reports, proposals, and other documents is one of the best ways to build your brand identity. These supplies can be customized in many ways to make your work stand out. A plus is that they’ll also help you build up your customer or client base. Let’s take a look at the various types of customization available.


  • Clear covers are great to use if you want to make an impression while on a budget. You can create your personal title page, print it out on your laser or ink-jet printer, and then stick it under a clear cover. Be sure to include all the important details. There are even clear covers that you can print on directly to make your graphics stand out even more.
  • Another option is to use covers that have windows cut out of them. You can pick covers representing your company's colors (i.e. blue, red, etc.) and then have windows cut out so the readers can see the title of your document and other pertinent information. T
  • For those vital, special documents, you can't go wrong with covers that have been silkscreen printed. These covers need to be specially ordered, but they'll look great, especially if you have a colorful graphic to show off. Be sure to give them a try because your documents will look like they've been professionally published when you use these supplies.
  • Foil stamping is one eye-catching option. This will add a flash and color to your work, really making an impression on your audience. There are several different colors to select from, so there are bound to be hues that will complement your company’s logo.
  • Want to give your work a different feel? It would help if you considered embossing. The process creates a textured surface making the title or company name more tangible. As a result, your documents will look fantastic and will make them easy to distinguish. This is an excellent option for marketing materials, annual reports, and much more!

Now that you know more about customizing your Report Covers, go check out the different colours, thicknesses and textures we have to offer. Plus, we have free sample swatches for all the stock covers we offer.