Thinking about purchasing a new binding machine punch? Well, the choices can seem endless, with hundreds of binding machines available on the market from dozens of different manufacturers. Your decision may be easier if you know just a bit about the different binding equipment makers. This article provides a quick overview of some of the largest and most well-known binding machine manufacturers.



Akiles has built a solid reputation for manufacturing coil binding machines and wire binding machines. The Akiles CoilMac line of coil binding machines is some of the finest pieces of plastic binding equipment on the market. Likewise, the Akiles WireMac Line of wire binding machines is also well-built and feature-packed. These two equipment lines are the industry standard for desktop plastic coil and wire binding machines.


Rhin-O-Tuff (PDI):

Rhin-O-Tuff binding equipment is well made and is designed to punch more pages per lift than any other equipment on the market. It punches as many as fifty-five pages per lift (over 10 pages more than the GBC Magnapunch). They also make the 7500 the only 24" wide punch on the market. They also recently introduced the Tornado, the only autopunch that will collate your document with the covers and tabs. With over 25 years in the industry, Rhin-O-Tuff power punches are the machines to beat.


James Burns International (JBI):

James Burns International has been in business for over 100 years! They are the original manufacturer of double loop Wire-O. They are also the manufacturer of the Docupunch automatic paper punch. This machine punches up to 30,000 sheets per hour and is designed with the print market in mind.


Southwest Business Products:

That’s right, we have our own line of binding equipment that we import into Canada. All our machines go through rigorous testing to make sure that they can stand by the quality and standards that we have been known for, for over 30 years.


Although there are several other binding equipment manufacturers the ones listed above provide most of the market's high-quality binding equipment. So whether you are looking at Plastic Coil, Comb, or Wire-O, there will be a machine out there for you. If you have any questions or want to learn the difference between two specific models of binding machines, please contact us and we would be happy to help.