Youth Rising Above is a charitable organization whose motto is “Inspiring, Empowering and Transforming the Next Generation¹”. Among their initiatives is a Back to School Backpack Drive in support of Fort William First Nation. Fort William First Nation is an Ojibway Reserve on the western shores of Lake Superior adjacent to Thunder Bay Ontario².


The Back to School Backpack Drive ‘s goal is to provide 150 Backpacks with a years worth of school supplies to grades 7-12 students at Fort William First Nation³. A donation of $50 provides one fully stocked bag, but instead of supplying a handful of students with their bags, we wanted to go one step further. Southwest is proud to partner with Youth Rising Above and were able to supply 150 Binders, and Tab sets in order to get all students one step closer to their full backpack.


This initiative is running until August 31st and we encourage you to take a look at this worthy charity and help a student start their school year on the right track. To learn more, or donate please check out You can also learn more about Fort William First Nation here




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