Laminating machines take your regular arts and crafts day to a totally new level, leaving your students with a permanent item to take home and keep for years. Here are things to consider when purchasing a laminator for your school.


What Type?

The first thing you can consider while shopping around is how often you plan on using your school laminator and what types of projects your teachers and classes will be doing. If you're laminating larger documents like posters and charts, you'll more likely want to purchase a roll laminator. If you are laminating smaller items, consider giving some thought to purchasing a pouch laminator.


Roll laminating gives you several advantages other than the size of the documents you will be able to laminate. A roll laminator allows you to do more of an assembly line sort of process, which is great for when several students – or a whole class – need to laminate their individual projects. You would keep a roll laminator in a centralized room in the school so that everyone would have access to it. There are also laminating machines on the market that use a cold process rather than heat. This type of machine has many advantages as well, chief among them being safer machines for children to use (other types of laminators can get very hot to the touch in places).


If you’re looking for laminating in a single classroom, a pouch laminator is a great option. They require little training, heat up quickly and the pouches are already trimmed to the right size.



One of the main benefits of pouch lamination is that the machines are generally quite smaller, allowing them to be taken to different classrooms if necessary or stored away easily when not in use. Roll laminators are larger machines that make best use in their own dedicated space. Although they are on casters so they can be rolled around when needed. The cold laminating machines have a distinct advantage in the portability department because most don't need to be plugged in.



As previously stated, roll laminating machines are usually more expensive than pouch laminators. However, the supplies for roll laminators are cheaper than pouches, plus there is more variety of styles when using roll laminators. You may want to ask some of your teachers what they want to get laminated so you can make a more informed decision.



Now that you know the criteria of how to choose a laminator, check out our Roll and Pouch Laminating Machines and start exploring what will work best for your school.