Do you want your workday to be less stressful? If you do, you can use many things to help you stay organized, save time, and remain productive. Let’s take a look at five things that will make your workday easier.


Good Letter Folder 

Regardless of what your job is, odds are you must manage mail at some point. If you send out much correspondence, a letter folder will come in very beneficial. These devices can fold the letter-sized paper (8.5” x 11”) into thirds so you can pop the letter into an envelope and go about your day. Some letter folders can handle stapled documents, perform different kinds of folds or even insert the paper into the envelopes for you! Best of all, many of these devices are relatively compact, so you can find one that will easily fit on your desk.


High-Quality Pouch Laminator

Paper can be ruined if it’s handled too much, so it’s a good idea to laminate those documents that you frequently refer to. To do that, a pouch laminator is what you need. There are some high-quality ones available that have many great features, including multiple rollers (to ensure excellent results) and the ability to shut off automatically. You can use a laminator to protect signs, photographs, calendars, and just about anything else that needs protection. Also, some laminators can laminate a letter-sized document in about a minute so that you can finish the job quickly.


Selection of Index Tabs

Do you use binders at work to store and organize documents? If you do, you should keep a supply of index tabs on-hand. Available in buff, ivory, manila and white, these supplies will help you group the sections in binders so it’s quicker and easier to refer back to when needed. (Something else to have around is an excellent three-hole punch so you can get your documents ready for the binders.) You can also use index tabs in documents bound with a binding machine, so they’re pretty helpful supplies all around. Ensure the hole pattern is right for the binding supplies you will utilize.


High-Capacity Electric Stapler

A high-capacity electric stapler is an excellent addition to any office. These machines make it possible to staple thick documents in a few seconds. They make it simple to complete a variety of large jobs (like making brochures and booklets) so you can continue your day. Some portable electric staplers are available if you want to use the device anywhere in the office (call for more options).


Whiteboard for your cubicle

Although many people use computers and smartphones to stay organized nowadays, using a whiteboard can be beneficial. For one thing, you can erase them quickly, and they are also easy to refer to. You can glance at them and not worry about turning it on or waiting for them to boot up.




All these listed above can help you have a more comfortable workday. They will help you streamline your workflow, stay on task, and save time. Consider getting these items for your office so you can enjoy having an easier time at work.