All offices need the best machines and supplies to help them run smoothly and to keep productivity up. Here are the three must-have pieces of equipment for your office:



  1. Paper Shredder

Due to the rise in identity theft and the amount of sensitive data each office produces it is important to have a paper shredder at your disposal. These machines will shred your documents so you can keep important information private. You can choose from strip and cross-cut devices, and there are even shredders that can destroy items like CD’s, credit cards and hard drives. Shredders are available in a variety of sizes so there’s one that’s perfect for your needs whether you run a home-based business or work for a large company.

2. Binding Machine

Putting together documents for a meeting or presentation is essential, and ordinary staples just won’t cut it. That’s why every office needs a binding machine. These devices make it possible for you to produce a professional-looking document in just minutes so you can impress your boss, colleagues, and customers. There are several different types of binding machines including Plastic Comb, Wire-O, Thermal, Fastback Tape, and Plastic Coil. These machines are available in various prices and productivity levels so it’s easy to find one that will fit your budget.

3. Laminator

Laminators are a great way to make your paper documents last longer. These machines encapsulate your documents in durable film so that they’ll last a long time. When looking for laminators, you can choose between either a pouch laminator or a roll laminator. Generally speaking pouch laminators are best for smaller documents and small runs, while roll laminators are great for larger items such as banners and signs. Plus lamination makes it possible to wipe away germs from your documents without damaging the paper..