Shredding paper has become common in both the home and the workplace now that Paper shredders are more affordable. Whether you occasionally shred (say, to get rid of unsolicited credit card offers) or you shred a high volume of paper daily, there’s always the question of how to manage your shreds. Here are a few ideas for you.



1. Recycling

In case of nothing else, you can always recycle your shreds. In fact, you should do this as opposed to immediately throwing them out. This limits landfills from getting fuller, and it helps preserve trees. Recycling is simple, so it can be taken care of quickly and then be done with it. Otherwise, you may compost the shreds if you prefer.

2. Starting fires

Whether you’re an avid camper, or just enjoy the occasional fire in your backyard firepit you can apply your shreds to help light that fire. This is a great option compared to the newspaper and lighter fluid since there's no need for purchasing shreds, and you need to dispose of it anyway. (But always be careful when starting your fire!)

3. Packing material

Shipping costs are always on the rise. However, if you have a paper shredder, using your shreds as packing material can cut your costs. Save the bits after you empty the machine's waste bin, and you'll have something with which you can line your boxes. (This is especially true if you shred paper regularly.) If you have a cardboard shredder, utilizing that material when preparing your shipments is beneficial as well.

4. Gift bags

Do you have a bunch of newspapers or magazines to dispose of? If so, you should run it through your shredder to make use of them in gift bags or baskets. This is a great, cost-effective alternative to commercial filler, and your gift recipient will be impressed with your originality. You can also shred coloured paper if you’re going for a more monochromatic look.

5. Pet supplies

If you have some pets of your own, your shreds will come in handy. For one thing, you can place some in your pet's cage so your critter can make use of a comfy nest. You could use the shreds to fill a larger bed for your dog or cat. At the point where the cover needs to be washed, you can recycle the shreds and fill new ones in after the cover has dried. (This will cut down on smells and give you a use for your new shreds.) Also, you may consider using your shreds in your cat's litter box. That way, you can save money on kitty litter, and your pet can stay comfortable. Always consult your vet beforehand.


Shredding your paper can not only protect your identity, it also provides you with enough material for various other uses. Shred your documents today with a high-security shredder so you remain safe and get more use from it.