Did you know that there are loads of various projects you can do with thermal binding machines? We have organized a list that briefly explores all its possibilities. Before you begin, always plan out your projects. Create an outline and gather all necessary supplies. There can never be too many drafts! With that said, here we go with your project list of 25 things to create using a Thermal Binding Machine:


  1. Student-produced yearbook
  2. Portfolio
  3. Memorial book or Book of Remembrance
  4. Memory book
  5. For your children
  6. Grandparents day
  7. Graduation
  8. Sports team, whether it's for Little League or pro
  9. Church
  10. Family reunion
  11. A family history book and tree
  12. A self-published fictional, non-fictional, or children's book
  13. Interior design portfolio
  14. Fan club book
  15. Business portfolio and resumee
  16. Tear sheet
  17. Art or sketch Book
  18. Anniversary book
  19. Travel book
  20. Vacation scrapbook
  21. Important Home information (like contracts and drawings)
  22. Wills and last testaments
  23. Baby Book
  24. Daily planner
  25. Business proposals


Ensure your book tells a story, regardless of whether you are composing a Children's book or are scrapbooking your children's soccer games. The content should flow with ease. Don't forget–the paper and binding cover you use will also tell a story. With Thermal Binding Covers you can choose between clear, frosted or paper front, soft or hard cover as well as a wide variety of colours, thicknesses and textures. Good luck with your projects!