You can use your pouch laminator to laminate various things, from laminating photos to protecting signs and menus. There are many reasons to utilize it, and in this article, we’ll list even more beneficial uses for your laminator that you may not have considered before. Let’s take a look and see what they are.


1. Reuse those School Worksheets

If you laminate worksheets for your child or students to use in school, you can save a great deal on copying costs. The students can write on the sheets with dry-erase markers, and then they can wipe the writing away so they can reuse the sheets. Worksheets can be used by kids learning basic arithmetic as well as college students studying advanced subjects.

2. Create your ID Cards

ID cards are used with more frequency in the workplace. When something is handled as much as ID cards can is, lamination is essential. It will keep the card in excellent condition and increase security in your workplace.

3. Protect those Lists

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a vital list and losing it or seeing it get ruined. Lamination prevents that from happening. Regardless of what list you have, from grocery lists to emergency contact lists; lamination will preserve your document and protect it from rips and tears. It can help you get more organized and on-task because you won’t have to create new lists all the time.

4. Feel the Burn with Workout Cards

Working out is a popular pastime and if you have several workouts you do, you may find yourself wishing they were written down to keep track of them. This is easy to do. Simply write down your workouts on index cards, laminate them, and then binding them together with a metal loose-leaf ring. All your activity information will be handy, and since it’s laminated, it won’t be ruined by water or sweat.

5. Preserve Play Sheets and Sports Rosters

Coaching sports can be fun and rewarding, but there’s a good chance that water or natural wear and tear will widely wreak your play sheets and rosters. Laminating them will protect them from rain and other disasters and give you a dry-erase surface to use repetitively. If you laminate your sports documents, you’ll come out a winner!


There are many useful items you can laminate. This list is just the tip of the iceberg. So, make sure to get laminating today and get ready to preserve those important documents. Looking for more ways to you’re your laminator? Check out this list.