Are you looking for ways to make your documents last longer? If you are, you've come to the right place! Here are five ways to make your documents last longer and look just as good:


  1. Use Synthetic Paper

Since synthetic paper is made of plastic, there is no need to laminate it. Plus, the paper is resistant to creasing and tearing. Synthetic paper is available in different sizes, so it’s easy to find something ideal for your particular needs. Contact us for a full range of sizes

  1. Bind your Work

Binding machines are a great tool. Whether your machine utilizes Plastic Combs, Wire-O, Coils or Thermal Binding, it will make your work look outstanding. You can also use a hardcover binding like Unibind or Coverbind to ensure your documents have longevity and a professional appearance.

  1. Use Report Covers

Spilling a drink or getting rain on a paper document could ruin it completely. With the use of clear, frosted or imitation leather report covers, you can preserve your document while making it look more professional and presentable to your boss, colleagues and clients.

  1. Save It

The best way to preserve a document is to save it onto an external device like a USB stick or External Hard Drive. This way your information is always a click away. Afraid of losing the USB stick? Pair it with a USB Case to store the USB when not in use and make it easy to find when you need it.

  1. Laminate Them

Lamination is widespread and well-known for a reason- it's easy, ensures document longevity and can work with many sizes (from name tags to posters). When laminating, you can choose between pouch laminators and roll laminators. In addition, Laminating photographs and documents can also enhance their colors as well as their durability.


There are several ways you can make your documents last longer, from using synthetic paper to laminating your materials. Whether you prefer the look of paper documents or want to keep your information electronic, it's easy to find a way to make your work last.