There are many items that make our lives at the office easier (and we’re referring to more than the ordinary computer, pens, etc). But did you know that a lot of the items you use everyday at the office come in smaller compact versions perfect for home office use? Here are some essential office devises for at home use:

Paper Shredder 

If you’ve been throwing away your junk mail, correspondence, and other documents, you’re unfortunately a target for identity theft. Using a paper shredder is the way to protect yourself.

Comb or Coil Binding Machine 

Comb and Coil binding machines make it easy to put together documents for school assignments, professional use, and more. The supplies needed for either of these binding styles are inexpensive, and come in multiple colours and sizes. Plus there are many affordable machines available that won’t take up much desk or counter space.


Pouch Laminator 

You can use this machine to laminate recipe cards, artwork, calendar pages, luggage tags, pictures, and more. For some creative ideas on how you can use a laminator, check out this blog post.



Whiteboards are essential communication tools in schools and workplaces. You can use one at home too, especially since they come in both large and small sizes. Whiteboards can be used to track grocery lists, chores, and appointments. You can even leave messages for other household members on them.


Rotary Trimmer 

If you’ve ever tried to cut a straight line with scissors, you have some idea of how difficult it can be. However, you can get straight lines with minimal effort by using a rotary trimmer. You can use these cutters for school projects, clipping coupons or articles, trimming pictures and various crafts.


Stapler and a Hole Punch 

These devices allow you to fasten small documents as well as allow paper to be stored in three-ring binders. They’re accommodating and can help you (and your entire household) stay organized.



Office devices aren’t just for the workplace anymore – they can be beneficial at home too. Consider getting one or more of the devices today to see how they can help you and the other members of your household.