In case you’re worried about ensuring your favorite photos and important papers are protected, you may need to consider getting a laminator. Here are the top three reasons everyone should have a laminator. Some of them may even surprise you.


  1. Preservation and protection

    This first reason is the most important reason you should buy a laminator. We all have documents and photos that need to be preserved, whether it's an old photo that's been passed down through the generations, a birth certificate or some other important document. Businesses certainly also benefit from laminating their work as well. There's no shortage of things that can be laminated, including menus, name tags, signage, and more. A laminated document is sturdier than a non-laminated one and will hold up to repeated handling. Plus, a laminated item won't be ruined by spilled coffee, dirty fingerprints, and wrinkles.


  1. It's easy

    You might be surprised at how easy it is to start laminating. First, there are two types of laminators: roll and pouch. Roll laminators are suitable for laminating oversized items such as posters and maps. These types of machines are usually found in schools and print shops. Unless you need to laminate large documents frequently, chances are you'll be happy with a pouch laminator. Pouch laminators are a breeze to use. All you do is place your document in a plastic laminating pouch, and run it through the machine. It couldn't be easier. Using a laminator is also a lot faster than using self-sealing laminating pouches, and you'll be happier with the results because there won’t be any unsightly air bubbles. Using a laminator can result in a much better-looking document, which is a must if you're laminating business documents.


  1. It's not as expensive as you might think

    You'll probably be surprised to know that laminators can be very affordable, with models available for $400 or less. For example, if you need to laminate items under 13” wide, you can pick up the SM-330 Office Pouch Laminator for less than $200! If you need a Roll Laminator you can get up to a 25” machine (like this Solo Cold Laminator) for less than $2,000. Keep in mind that laminating supplies are inexpensive as well; Southwest has our own brand of pouch and lamination rolls at unbeatable prices (we even have a Pricematch Guarantee).


So now you know the top three reasons you should get a laminator. Laminating is easy, fast, can be done inexpensively, and best of all, it's a great way to preserve and protect your important photos and documents. What are you waiting for? Get laminating today!