Even if you still are working at the office, there are several office tools and supplies you should have at home. These items can help you protect documents, get organized, and even help shield you from identity theft. Let’s take a look at the 5 Office Supplies you should have at Home.


1.    Pouch Laminator and Laminating Pouches:

At some point in your life, you may need to laminate something important. It could be a birth certificate, a memento, or even a special photograph. Pouch Laminators are very cost effective and don’t take up much space. Click here to see more ways you can use a Pouch Laminator.


2.    A good Stapler:

You should have a stapler at home because its an easy way to attach papers to one another in a pinch. You don’t need to purchase an exceptionally fancy one – a good, basic Swingline stapler will be just fine. A Swingline stapler will last for years so you’ll always be able to use it when you need to.


3.    A well-made Paper Shredder:

If you’re like most people, you have sensitive documents at home that would be detrimental if they got into someone else’s hands. The best way to protect yourself is by shredding your private papers. Personal sizes shredders come in strip or cross cut depending on what level of security you are after. You can use the shredder to shred items like old tax returns, canceled checks, and anything else you want to safely dispose of. This will help keep your personal information secure.


4.    Three-Ring Binders and Quick Tabs:

Three-Ring binders are terrific supplies that can help you stay organized. You can use them to store schoolwork, recipes, trading card collections, photographs, and more. It doesn’t hurt to have a couple on-hand so you have them if you need them. If you want to up your organizational game even more, add Quick Tabs to those Binders. Quick tabs are colour coded and you can put the title sheet through your at home printer to make it easier to know what is behind each section.


5.   A durable Hole-Punch:

You should also have a three-hole punch so you can get your paper ready to go into the binders. Swingline makes some of the most durable punches, so you can be confident you’re getting a great product.


These are all office tools and supplies you should have at home. Whether using them for work or for personal use, these items will be helpful for a variety of different tasks. Looking for more Home Office suggestions? Check out our post listing 11 Home Office Essentials.