Laminators can be used in the office, at home, or in the classroom. While they’re great for laminating items such as signs and business cards, you can also get quite creative with them. Here are few creative ways to use your laminator:


  • You can print out your favorite photographs on your color printer and then laminate them if you need some new decorations for your office. Lamination will not only protect your pictures, but it will also make the colors more vivid.


  • Do you have an old collection of magazine and newspaper clippings in a drawer or shoebox? If the answer is yes, lamination is a great way to protect and preserve them to be enjoyed for many years to come. You’ll also prevent them from becoming yellow and brittle, so they’ll look brand new for a long time.


  • Need a dry erase board on a budget? You can now make any document (or sheet of paper) dry erase with these pouches. They’re great for creating your own tracing sheets, sporting grids and plays, to do/shopping lists and much more.


  • Flash cards are valuable learning tools for any student and can help lead them to their success. For younger kids, they can be used to teach the names of colors, animals, numbers and so on. For students in college, they’re helpful for memorizing vocabulary and other information that they’ll need to recall later on. You can make your own flash cards and laminate them to either help yourself or someone you know do well in school.


  • Are you a musician? If so, laminating your sheet music can be a good idea. If you use a thick  pouch, your sheet music will become rigid so you can refer to it more easily when it’s placed on a music stand. (The pages won’t go limp or float away.) The laminate will also help to protect the sheets from spills, so they’ll look great and you won’t need to replace them.


  • You can make your own stickers and labels using lamination that is adhesive on one side. The stickers could be used to decorate your scrapbooks, or you can even help your kids start a sticker collection. Address labels and name tags are also some things you could create. You’re only limited by your imagination.


  • Add pizzazz to your fridge, filing cabinet, white board or other metal objects with your own customizable magnets. Yes you read right, you can create magnets of all sizes using a pouch laminator. You can even combine the magnet pouch with some of the suggestions above like flash cards, pictures and stickers.



Things don’t have to be all business with your laminator. Give a couple of these ideas a try so you can start using your laminator for more creative projects. Don’t forget to have fun with it!