2020 has certainly been… different. When COVID-19 hit, manufacturing and office supply companies were deemed an essential service, so Southwest was able to stay open across the country. Being an essential service meant that we had a responsibility to be able to support other essential businesses so they could help those in most need. So we did our research and were able to find Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as disposable masks, gloves and sanitizer that we could deliver in a short time frame.

Fast forward a few months and now Southwest has a full line of PPE in stock to help businesses open up and get back on their feet.


Masks & Shields:

Many cities have imposed new laws making it mandatory to wear masks in public indoor spaces. Many companies are taking this one step further and making it mandatory for anyone working or visiting their site to wear a mask as well. Southwest has both disposable and reusable masks available in an array of colours, thicknesses and materials. We also have pre-assembled face shields and a handy invention called an Ear Saver which holds your mask up so behind your ears don’t chafe.



Cleaning your hands is rule #1 in a pandemic. So when you cannot get to a sink, sanitizer is the next best thing. We have sanitizers ranging from 2oz-32oz as well as 1 gallon jugs to refill the smaller bottles and hand pumps. All which are proudly made in Canada.


Wipes & Cleaners:

Southwest stocks hospital grade wipes and cleaners which are on Health Canada’s list of products that are proven to kill Covid-19 as well as other common germs and viruses such as influenza and norovirus.



Gloves are in high demand these days, which is why Southwest has options available in 100 packs or bulk 200 packs. Available in powder free Nitrile or Vinyl.


Counter Top Shields:

It’s important to protect those going face to face with customers as much as possible. In addition to the regular PPE, Southwest also sells counter top shields which stand up on their own, require little assembly (no tools needed) and has a slot at the bottom making transactions safe. These are also proudly made in Canada.


Lamination Film:

Paper is porous and can transport germs and viruses. Your best bet on stopping the spread is by laminating your papers. New Biolam Film is enhanced with antimicrobial protection that helps prevent the growth of bacteria, molds, mildews and fungi. Plus because it uses silver as a natural antimicrobial agent, it is non-toxic and will not wear off with cleaning or use.


Air Purifiers:

Germs and viruses can be spread through microscopic particles in the air. Stop them in their tracks with an air purifier. Southwest Air Purifiers come equipped with HEPA filters that only have to be changed every 12 months*. With sizes ranging from 300 square ft1000 square ft, we have options for both the home office and industrial spaces.


COVID-19 might not be going away anytime soon, but you can always count on Southwest to have the products you need to keep your employees and customers safe. We are always adding new products to our PPE line, so make sure to check back often for the latest information. Or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about new products and specials.


*Based on usage