The primary reason businesses use custom binder covers is to achieve a more high-end or branded look and feel. Custom binder covers aren’t just off the shelf purchases, they’re binders that are tailored to a businesses’ specific needs and taste. Whether it’s the material used to create the binders, or the images printed on the covers, this combination is customized by the business. There are some reasons why businesses should consider using binder covers.

There are a few common reasons why businesses consider using binder covers for presentation or marketing materials:

  • They protect a business project from stains or spills, tears, wrinkles, wear from oil, grease, dirt, moisture, etc.
  • They keep large amounts of paperwork labelled, organized and accessible.
  • It optically improves the look and feel of the project.

Custom binder covers, however, have all those benefits, and more.

Improve brand recognition

Businesses typically use custom binder covers to boost brand recognition. They accomplish this by printing their company logo on the binder covers or using their company’s brand colours. Custom binder covers can be used as a marketing tool because when members of their team go to client meetings or other industry events, the binders will familiarize the public with the business’ brand and provide more exposure. Similar to other corporate merchandise or marketing materials, binders provide an opportunity for brand awareness and consistency.

Specific ways that businesses can make their company name and/or logo stand out on their custom binder covers is by foil stamping it. Additionally, if the business desires a more subtle look, they can opt for embossing or debossing of their company logo on their custom binder covers.

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Increase professionalism

Another way custom binder covers can be used by businesses is to convey different degrees of professionalism, which is often determined by the material chosen. Custom binder covers can be made from common materials or premium materials like imitation leather. Choosing a premium material will give your company a feeling of authority and influence. The elements chosen for the custom binder cover depends on the look and feel a company is trying to achieve. Bringing custom binder covers to a client meeting is a great way to make your business appear more professional.

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Organize client accounts

Businesses also use custom binder covers to keep paperwork related to their client accounts organized. Products like Minute Books with client names and logos printed on the covers are used to keep track of meeting minutes/notes with each client. These binders have a professional and elegant look that can easily be brought into client meetings. The customization will signal to clients that their account is important to the business and a real priority.

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