Companies, organizations and even academic institutions rely on binding machines and supplies to run a successful operation. Long gone are the days when all of your professional documents or classroom materials are sent to a professional printing and binding production house, alternatively, decision-makers in many industries are bringing production in-house by purchasing professional binding equipment and supplies. For some, this new approach poses some new questions, like how do you evaluate the equipment and supply purchases you’re making? What are the best products for your very specific use and needs? What affects quality and cost

Here are a few tips to consider when purchasing binding machines and supplies for your business, organization or school.

Evaluate your individual needs.

When it comes to choosing binding machines, it’s an investment you don’t want to get wrong. Make a list of the “must-have” features and functionalities that will support your operations effectively. For example, automation to speed up operations, or safety features, or even size will all play a role in determining the best make/model and feature set for you. Also, take into consideration the type of materials you bind the most often - are they large format presentations, multi-page curriculum, menus, marketing materials? The type of document(s) you produce the most should help you narrow in on the right binding machine and supplies for your every day operations.

Compare binding system models:

Plastic coil combo

Plastic comb combo

Wire combo

Think about cost, but don’t forget about quality.

Binding machines come in all shapes, sizes, and price tags. It’s easy to choose the lowest cost option without considering the value of quality, durability and maintenance. The more expensive models will have built-in features that create additional value and benefits to your operations - such as automated functionality to speed up your processes, or the ability to produce at a high volume workload. For companies, organizations or academic institutions that use a binding machine in large quantities, speed, capacity and durability will be of great importance to their decision-making. Sometimes, you need a professional opinion. If you’re unsure about your purchase (or can’t decide between different models), talk to binding machine product expert.

Long-term considerations.

This is a long-term investment, but many don’t stop to think about the long-term considerations of their binding equipment purchase. There are three major things that will affect your investment in binding machines and supplies:

  1. Cost - what is the initial cost, and what will be some of the ongoing costs to consider? For example, the cost of supplies and how often you’ll need to purchase them to support your operations. It’s also beneficial to determine your total cost of operation, i.e  resource time, maintenance, replacement, etc.
  2. Scalability - this may be the equipment you need to fulfill your production needs today, but what about as you grow? Will your needs change? Will your volume increase, or your services diversify? Align your binding machine purchase with your growth goals to get the most out of your decision.
  3. Supplies/availability - this is where having a reputable supplier is critical. You want to ensure that you’ll always have access to the supplies you need, when you need them. Find a binding supplies partner that will work with you to fulfill every order efficiently and reliably.

Talk to the experts when considering your next binding machine and/or supplies. Southwest Business Products has been around for over three decades, and that’s because we supply only quality equipment backed by exceptional customer service. Contact us today!