Booklet makers are a popular machine for business that produce professional materials at a high volume. Not only businesses, but academic institutions use booklet makers to easily, and efficiently create booklets for their training and classroom materials. There are four main reasons why booklet makers have become an invaluable machine for businesses and education alike: there are so many different applications, it saves time and increases productivity, they are easy to use, and produce high quality materials.

Booklet makers have so many different applications

Think of it this way - anything that is multi-sheet in nature, can be turned into a professional looking booklet using a booklet maker machine. Businesses turn their corporate brochures, collateral pieces, reports, manuals, etc. into high-quality booklets. Printers use booklet machines for high volume pieces like magazines and trade show materials. Academic institutions can create materials like training guides, curriculum, and other classroom materials. Booklet makers aren’t one-trick ponies; they are extremely versatile, allowing users to create highly professional, durable pieces at a high volume.

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The benefits of time savings and productivity

Another enormous benefit of booklet makers, is that they provide time savings and increase your productivity. These machines produce booklets of up to 100 pages at a time, and with automation features, they can also jog, staples, and fold all in one swift operation. Some machines come with a powered exit conveyor that stacks booklets neatly and folds away for compact storage capabilities. Others, have features like variable speeds with online saddle, corner, and side stapling.

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The ease of use

Compared to other complex printing and finishing machines, booklet makers are easy to use and operate quite smoothly. Buyers often say that the machines are quick and easy to set-up and adjust. They also come with safety features, like a transparent safety access cover that won’t allow the machine to operate when open. That means, not only are they easy to get up and running for your needs, but they are also low risk machines to operate.

Booklet makers produce high quality materials

Booklet machines have a reputation for producing high end, large volume materials. The final product can be automatically folded on an edge, or stapled along an edge, giving the pieces a professional touch and finish. Businesses and academic organizations choose these machines to ensure their presentation, marketing, training, and sales materials look like they came from a professional print shop, everytime

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