Organize your desk for success: our top office product picks

Everyone has their own working style. Some of us are messy workers with piles of paper and notes all over our work surface, while others barely keep a pen and notepad on their desk.  Some people label everything, others are continuously surprised by what they find in their file folders. There are list makers, whiteboarders, paper filers and digital document aficionados. There’s no right or wrong way to get things done.

But some office supplies are fundamental to good organization. To help you outfit your desk for organizational success, we’ve selected our top office supply products from the hundreds of items now available at Southwest.

Office supplies are now available at Southwest

We’ve launched our new office supplies category to ensure that our customers are able to get what they need from a single source. Our new office supplies offering includes hundreds of products across a range of categories including pens, pencils, highlighters, note pads, copier toner and cartridges, batteries, staples, envelopes and so much more.

Check out our office supplies online and remember, every online order over $200 receives FREE shipping!

The top office products you need to stay organized

  1. Post-it Tape Flags

Perfect for marking pages or specific information in books or printed documents, Post-it Tape Flags stay firmly where you put them but are also easily removed without leaving residue or marks. A top organizational choice for lawyers and other businesses with a lot of printed documents or many documents that may require signatures or initials by clients.

  1. Highlighters

Highlighters are a great way to organize your thoughts, notes and ideas. Use different colours to represent different categories, clients or information types. The bright colours draw your attention right away without masking the copy, making the text both easy to see and easy to read.

  1. Sticky Notes

Adding a comment or providing feedback or edits to printed documents is made so much simpler with sticky notes. Plus, they’re a great tool for creating reminders you can stick to your desk, computer, wall or calendar. Choose a size that suits your needs best – with the options available, you’ll have as much or as little room as you need.

  1. File Folders

The obvious organizational item, file folders come in an array of colours to help you quickly and easily identify what the file folder is for. Use different colours to identify different customers, product lines, opportunities, receipts, or any other group of items you need to keep safely organized together. Files folders are available in both letter and legal sizes to suite your filing needs.

  1. Labels

Hand in hand with file folders, using labels keeps everything neat and tidy. Choose a label size that fits neatly on the file folder and, rather than hand-writing the information, use the available online label templates to create labels on your computer. Choose a clean and easy to read font so the information you’re looking for is easy to spot.

  1. Paper Clips and Fasteners

Sometimes a file folder isn’t the right choice to keep either large single documents together or multiple documents for the same customer or of the same type in one, neat pile. Using paper clips or other document fasteners is a simple solution, and there are a variety of types to choose from.