If you’ve attended your share of trade shows and conventions, you probably have quite the collection of lanyards hanging around your office. And you don’t give them a second thought.

Although lanyards may also show up in your everyday life to display ID cards, trade shows are the most popular places for them. These lanyards are used by sponsors to display their logos and by trade show/convention organizers to identify all the different levels of participants at the event.

But, for you, the wearer, lanyards might be a necessary evil that is only good for getting you into the event without any hassle.

So why not get more use from your lanyard? They are there around your neck anyway, why not put them to work to make your life easier at the show. Here are four things you can try

1. Carry Your Business Cards In Your Lanyard

Finally you remember to bring your business cards, but every time someone asks for one, you have to dig in your bag, or pocket or – where was it you put them again? Pack a few business cards into the plastic pouch on your lanyard and you’ll always have them at hand – and never forget where they are.

2. Advertise Your Business

There are two sides to the cards on the lanyards. Especially if you’re working a booth at a trade show, you can create logo cards large enough to fit into the pouch and, when you flip the pouch over on the lanyard, you’ll be sporting the company logo and/or slogan.

3. Carry Other People’s Business Cards In Your Lanyard

The opposite of not being able to remember where you put your business cards is not remembering where you put the business cards of the person that could be your most valuable contact at the show. Put all the cards you collect each day into your lanyard pouch. Just don’t forget to empty them out in a place you won’t lose them before the next day.

3. Carry Everything Else!

Think about the things that you often need at an event, but often don’t have. Your lanyard pouch can be used to carry pens, note paper, room keys, your glasses, and conference layouts, just to name a few.

So the next time you’re at a Trade Show, don’t hide your lanyard and pouch away in your bag or under your jacket. Put them to great use by trying out some of these amazing ideas.